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Chapter 1

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Chapter 1 Notes Why study human sexualityImproved understanding of genitals will increase giving and receiving pleasure from sexIncrease chance of entering into satisfying relationship rather than abusive onesGreater understanding of unusual sexual desires and behaviors Learning about contraception will reduce risk for you and your partnerEducating yourself about sex will enable you to educate others Thinking critically about research you will become a more discriminating consumer of media reports and advertising relating to sexuality SexualityThe feelings behaviors and identities associated with sex Observational studies of sexuality began with Aristotle 2400 years agoHe saw that there were two methods which organisms used to reproduce sexually and asexuallyHumans only can reproduce sexually Sexism Prejudice or discrimination directed against one sex usually women Anatomist Researcher who studies the structure of the body Sperm or spermatozoon pl spermatozoa a male gamete produced in the testicles Ovumpl ova A mature female gamete or egg GametesMale sperm and female ova reproductive cells that unite at fertilization HomosexualSexually attracted to persons of ones own sex According to the early Fathers of the Christian Church sexual behavior was sinful because it was driven by passion rather than by the will This established a sexnegative tradition within the Catholic ChurchThese religious proscriptions influenced criminal law even in America Hysteria was originally thought to be caused by the womb and was the second most common medical diagnosis behind feverThis was because of the sexism of doctors in history who were almost always males Some doctors would masturbate female patients or use vibrators to treat hysteria The 18th and early19th centuries were a period in which people began to consider whether sex for pleasure might be morally acceptable
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