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University of British Columbia
PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Ch 13 Atypical SexualitySexual variety is the spice of lifeMost fetishisms are related to the bodyFetishSexual arousal by inanimate objects materials or parts of the bodyPartialismFetishistic attraction to specific parts of the bodyMedia fetishismSexual attraction to materials such as rubber or silkAcrotomophiliaFetishistic interest in amputees or amputation stumpsApotemnophiliaFetishistic interest in having an amputationObject fetishism aka objectophiliaSexual arousal by inanimate objectFetishists marked by difficulty in establishing social relationships with human beingsExpressionIncorporate in to sexual foreplay watching videos purchasing items wear it themselves or have partner wear itFetishist Some say interests crossing line to mental disorder Others say strongly invested in fetishism even if not diagnosable as having mental disorderPreferred by text bc it is without implication that the person has a mental disorderInternetFacilitated communication bolstering selfacceptance And satisfaction reducing likelihood of seeking psych helpPromote awareness hence normalizingRubber fetishism and the InternetPeople crossdress for a variety of reasonsCrossdressingWearing the clothing of the other sex for any of a variety of reasonsPractical reasonsWomen dressing like men for no sexual reasons to obtain privileges associated with malesDoing dragsMen OR women dressing for entertainment purposeDragWearing of exaggeratedly feminine clothing by a man often for entertainment purposesTransgender crossdressingWearing the clothes of the other sex as a vital expression of their gender identityControversiesConformity with the identified sexErotic arousal NOT the primary motivation for crossdressing but may feel sexier and more interested in attracted partner when crossdressedTransvestic fetishismComprised of heterosexual individuals mostly men
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