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Chapter 2

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Chapter 2A womans Vulva includes her Mons Labia Vaginal Opening and ClitorisExternal genitalia sexual structure outside of the bodythe vulvaVagina could not be seen from outsideits a muscular tube extending 810 cm from the vestibule to the uterine cervix Vulva the external genitaliaMons veneris mons fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hair that cushions when you are pushing against someone else it is the front most component of vulvaalso the hair acts as visual stimuliLabia majora the outer lips are two folds of skin that extend down from the mons on either side of the vulva partially covered with hair and they are padded with fatty tissue It is often darker than the skin elsewhere and is erotically sensitive on the hairless side of the labiaLabia minora the inner lips are two thin folds of hairless skin that lie between the labia majora and immediately flanking the vestibuleClitoral hood the loose fold of skin that covers the clitoris where labia minora meetsVestibule space between left and right labia minora Vesocongestion swelling of tissue caused by pooling of blood where labia minora swell and darken There is more to the clitoris than meets the eye Clitoris the erectile organ in female the external portion is located at the junction of the labia minora just in front of the vestibuleGlans the terminal knob of the clitoris size of a pearlCorpora cavernosa cavernous bodies 2 of them lying side by side erectile tissues within the clitoral shaftCorpus spongiosum A single midline erectile structure that fills the glansSmegma A whitish greasy secretion that builds up under the hood of the clitoris or the foreskin of the penisCrus plcrura internal extension of a corpus cavernosum that diverge backward and downward from the clitoral shaft giving the clitoris a wishbone structureVestibular bulbs closely associated with clitoris curved masses of erectile tissue internal to labia minorahelps with lengthening and stiffening the vaginaIschiocavernosus muscle surrounds each crus of the clitoris The contraction of these muscles during sex elevates the clitoral shaft and glans causing the glans to disappear under the clitoral hoodBulbospongiosus muscle forms a sling around the clitoral shaft and then runs downward and backward to surround the vaginal opening The contraction of this muscle tightens the vaginal opening and increases clitoral erection may help increase erotic sensations of vaginal penetration by transferring mechanical excitations to the clitoris Female circumcision any of several forms of ritual cutting or excision of parts of the female genitalia Sunnah the least invasive version of circumcision the clitoral hood is incised or removed analogous to male circumcisionClitoridectomy excision of the entire clitoral glans and shaft along with the hood and sometimes nearby portions of the labia minora
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