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PSYC 350
Silvia Bartolic

SexualVariationsLectureHistoricallysexhasbeenlinkedonlytohavekidsbutwehavemovedawayfromthisDeviantVersusAtypicalculturallyabnormalideathatthereisnormalandabnormalsexandabnormalsexisusuallynegativeCallingthemdeviantsexualpreferenceisnothelpfulitcreatesabarrierwhenthesepeoplereceivetherapyabnormaldeviantpervertpejorativestatisticallyinfrequentpreviouslythingsthathavebeenstatisticallyinfrequentisnowbecomefrequentandtypicallypersistentpreferencefornongenitalsexualoutletsifyouhaveapartnerwhoisntinterestedinmeetingyouabnormalneedsatypicalasbestdescriptoronemostpeopleusethereisnoemotionallinktiedtoitillnessbadCasestudiesknowwhenweshouldbeconsideredandnotconsideredIssomeonehurtParaphiliasaccordingtoDSMIVTRrecurrentintensesexualurgesfantasiesorbehaviorsthatinvolveunusualobjectsactivitiesorsituationsandcauseclinicallysignificantdistressorimpairmentinsocialoccupationalorotherimportantareasoffunctioningVariantsinneedoftreatment1Fetishismnonlivingobjectsstandsaloneassexuallystimulationstherearetwotypes1mediafetishwhatisitmadeof2formobjectfetishPartialismfetishforapartofthebodyFrotteurismTransvesticfetisgumsExhibitionismVoyeurismSexualmasochismSexualsadismPedophilaPNOSfrotteurism touching or rubbing against a non consenting person Toucherism is a subcategory actually use hands to touch people High levels of social anxiety about womenrships and so they steal touches to fulfill their intimacy needs Transvestic fetishism diagnosis made exclusively for hetero men They get aroused by dressing up in womens clothes They dont want to be women but just like the clothing Different fromatransgendered transvestic fetishism is a sexually motivated behavior not about gender identity bcdrag queenskings dress up as other sex for entertainment purposes but its not specifically for sexual motivations detranssexuals people who feel their physical sex doesnt match their psychological sex so they go through surgery to change that mismatch autogynephilia Blanchard founded this paraphilia Autogynephilia is a males paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thoughtimage of himself as a female Four subtypesabtransvestic aligns with transvestic fetishism cBehavioral men take on behavior that are typical of women and that behavior turns them on Ex Sewing and knitting is common dePhysiologic men who do things to emulate female physical functions Dont change bodies but use props to emulate these behaviors Most commons is menstruationtape pads to their underwear and pour red dye on them or stick pillows under their shirt to look like their pregnant Another is breastfeeding fgAnatomic men that actually think of their bodies as womens bodies and extreme cases is when they go through sex change surgeries They do it because it turns them on nothing about gender identity mismatch hiCase study single white male in his 30s always considered himself straightWhen he had sex he always fantasized that he was a woman and wanted to bepenetrated Thought he might be gay so he came out as a gay Enjoyed sex with men but after it was over he wasnt interested in any of the emotional attachment with men Started to see counselors until he found out that it was autogynephilia exhibitionism and voyeurism both are against the law Has to be nonconsensual Exhibitionism exposing genitals and an unsuspecting person Voyeurism observing an unsuspecting person who is naked abexhibitionists charge comes from shocking somebody and that gives them the feel of power If they dont get this shocked response it doesnt meet the sexual arousal theyre looking for Men and women react to exhibitionism very differently Men dont really care when a women exposes themselves to men
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