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Jason Winters

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PSYC350A p 374377Biological theories focus on prenatal hormones and genesPrenatal hormonal theoryPrenatal sex hormones affect sexual differentiation of the brain Androgen level in sensitive period of prenatal developmentoHIGH androgen level most male fewer female sexually attracted to female gynephilicoLOW androgen level most female fewer male sexually attracted to male androphilicoIt could also be due to brains sensitivity More homosexual males than femalesBrain circuit for sexual orientation and gender traitsAnimal researchoExperimental manipulation for their androgen levels in ratsCongenital adrenal hyperplasia CAHoHuman fetuses are exposed to high levels of androgens regardless of their sexoFemale Experience samesex attractionHypothalamusmedial preoptic area involved in the regulation of sexual behaviors typically shown by males ex Sexual preference towards femaleoINAH3 larger in male than female volume straight men gay men no diff in womenoCirculating hormonal level during prenatal
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