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1 - Perspectives on Sexuality (2011/12) - Lecture + Text.docx

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Ch 1 Perspectives on SexualityCh 7 Sexual Relationships 193205 Psychology 350 001 Why Study Human Sexuality MEANING OF THE WORD SEX Sex 1 category of malefemale 2 sexual feelingsbehavioursIntersexpeople whose sexual anatomyis ambiguous or intermediate between malefemaleHistory of the word sex o 1700ssexmalefemale o 1800sapplied to genital anatomyfunction o 1900sbroadened to sexual attractionbehaviour o End of 1900ssexsexual behaviour gendermalefemaleGenderin sex research psychology sociology this refers to collection of cognitive behavioural and personality traits that differ between the sexes w Sexualityfeelings behaviours and identities associatedsex o Not a euphemism for sex SEXRELATIONSHIPSMost sexual behaviour occurs in context of interpersonal relationships whether real or notGeneral points about sexual relationships 1 Sexual relationships are extremely diverse o Last few minutes or decades o Motivated by physical attraction duty emotional bond economic factors desire to conformrebel o May be mutually fulfilling onesided unhappy abusive o May have similar or dissimilar partners2 individuals o May be centered around sex vs sex as an aside o May be approved illegal frowned upon o Relationship may not be sexual at all 2 Sexual relationships may not be ideal relationships o When looking for a partner different characteristics are chosen based off needs o Different matches will be selected based off desired qualitiesalways some degree of mismatchMany will be challenged by interpersonal difficulties or external forces 3 Sexual behaviourrelationships take place in a moral context o Sense of rightwrong morality influenced from experience religion etc affect ones sexual behaviour SEXIDENTITYSexuality influences a persons identity o Gender identitysubjective sense of being malefemaleMost have sense of gender identity corresponding to anatomical sexGenderstate as male of female personal social legalBehaviours expectations roles representations and sometimes the valuesbeliefs that are specific to either men or womenEg femalemaleness wo Transgenderedperson that identifiesopposite sex from birth maymay not seek surgical gender reassignmentTranssexualperson identifying with opposite sex and seeks treatment through hormone treatment or sexreassignmentSexual orientationdirection of sexualromantic feelings attraction to same opposite or both sexes o Heterosexualattracted to persons of opposite sex o Homosexualattraction to own sex o Bisexualattracted to persons of both sexesHomosexualitybisexuality confer stronger sense of identity due to prejudice misunderstandings and negative stigmatism o Asexualno sexual attraction to either sexOther factors conferring sense of identity o People engaging in group sexual activitiespolyamorists o swingerspeople who engage in sex outside of lasting relationships or as work Page 1 of 10
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