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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

Socialization I 10222012 Chapter 3 from Text Socialization From Infancy to Old AgeSocial Experience The Key to Our HumanityWithout social experience a human being in incapable of thought emotion or meaningful actionSocializationlifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn cultureSocial experience is the basis of personalitya persons fairly consistent patterns of acting thinking and feelingHuman Development Nature and NurtureHumans are not born with instincts that determine their personality and behaviorCharles DarwinTheory of Evolution o Said behavior was instinctive o Human nature o Economic system reflects instinctive human competitiveness o Ethnocentric view that justified colonialism if Native peoples were not human in the same sense that the colonialists were they could be exploited and enslavedJohn B WatsonBehaviorism o Behavior is not instinctive but learned o People everywhere were equally human differing in their cultural patterns o Human behavior is not rooted in nature but nurture o Nurture is our natureSocial IsolationResearch with monkeys o Harry and Margaret Harlow o Adult monkeys in complete isolation for six months seriously disturbed the monkeys development o Baby monkey with an artificial wire mesh vs cloth mothersurvived but unable to interact with othersBaby monkeys benefitted from the contactConfirmed how important it is that adults cradle infants lovinglyCan recover from isolation of 3 months but not 6Isolated children o Showed improvement after being showered with social contact after isolation of five yearsShowed interest in other people and learned to walk
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