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War and Peace

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

War and Peace 03-04-2013 Why is the US in continual wars? Uncle Sam Wants Them  Private companies have become major players in all types of warfare  In failed states, corporations re gaining the “civic and political loyalty” that should belong to the military or police, yet are only accountable to the elites who hire them  Weber: modern state holds the monopoly over the legitimate use of violence o Dedicated to protecting entire nation  Shift from pre-modern to modern warfare: marked by the idea that states did and should fight wars with their own militaries o No more mercenaries  Downfall of mercenaries  rise of era of the military corporation  Private military corporations – legal entities that supply governments, NGOs and industry with private soldiers o Have taken larger roles in war and military campaigns o More PMCs in Iraq than soldiers Logistics of PMCs  Cost effective – no need to pay for government employees’ pensions or peacetime salaries  Strategy – can be rapidly deployed in unanticipated short-term conflicts  Reliance on contractors has allowed the US to pursue 2 wars  “Third Country Nationals” (TCNs) – workers from around the world, routinely paid less than American counterpart  “Host country nationals” (HCNs) – paid wages commensurate with local jobs  Filipinos and Indians – support work: laundry + food service  Nepalese, South Africans, Latin Americans – security work Consequences of Contractors  Changes spectrum of military labor  Dual shift in military labor force o From public to private o From domestic to international  Undermines old lines of accountability  Using PMCs e
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