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Nuclear Accidents

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Debra Pentecost

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Nuclear Accidents Chernobyl’s Lasting Consequences  April 26, 1986  Nuclear accident releasing huge amounts of radiation into the environment  Political Communication Tool for the nuclear industry: A report o Claims that only 4 000 people will die as a result of the accident o Attributed many non-cancer Chernobyl-related diseases to „radiophobia‟ – fear of radiation  270 000 incidences of cancers would result and 93 000 would be fatal Avenging Planet  Japanese government‟s response to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima  plant complex is in “a stable situation, relatively speaking.”  Fukushima alert level on the International Nuclear Event scale from 5 to 7 -- “a major accident” -- the highest category possible The Planet Strikes Back  Earth - a victim, a casualty of humankind‟s unrestrained consumption of resources and its heedless emissions of climate-altering greenhouse gases o complex organic system with many potent defenses against alien intervention -- defenses it is already wielding to devastating eff
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