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Chapter 4

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SOCI 200
Silvia Bartolic

IV. How do researchers determine which research method to use? A. Use a means-ends analysis which involves: 1. Clarify ends 2. Select a specific means that is best equipped to achieve desired end(s) B. What are the various ENDS to consider (Goals)? 1. Exploratory, Descriptive, Explanatory Research 2. Positivistic, Interpretive, Critical Research EXPLORATORY Research • Goal: Become familiar with the basic facts, people, or concept involved (develop a well- grounded mental picture of what is occurring to formulate more precise or specific research questions (e.g., when AIDS first appeared around 1980, nothing was known about what type of disease it was, what caused it, or why it was happening) • Goal: Generate a range of tentative theories or causal factors DESCRIPTIVE Rese
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