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SOCI 217
Amin Ghaziani

Week 7 Babbie. Chapter 12 Chapter 12: Qualitative Interviewing [Qualitative Depth Interviewing] - Skills required: sensitivity, concentration, interpersonal understanding, insight, mental acuity and discipline - Qualitative design is flexible, continuous and iterative (repetitive). It is not rigid (open- ended style) - The interview is done in no particular order and interviewer sets a general direction of the interview while pursuing a specific topic  need to know how to control the conversation - 7 stages in a complete interviewing process: 1) Thematizing – clarify the interview purpose and concept of interest 2) Designing – lay out the process and consideration of the ethical dimension 3) Interviewing 4) Transcribing – produce a written form of the interview 5) Analyzing – interpret the meaning of the gathered materials 6) Verifying – check reliability and validity 7) Reporting [In-Depth Interview Studies] - Usually done for ethnographic studies [Focus Groups] - Usually exploratory - Done in a group with the intention to gather data that is usually difficult to obtain without the presence of a group (?) - E.g: study about culture
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