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SOCI 470
Catherine Ortner

Vancouvers Most Vulnerable Population Prostitutionthe Need for Safe HousesJayde Jessome 24042137Sociology 470Sociology of CrimeJusticeCarole Blackburn1Street prostitution is arguably one of the most dangerous professions that a woman can have but it is widespread in Vancouvers downtown east side While the sex trade is intrinsically dangerous Waltman 2012 it becomes even more so when women are prohibited from conducting business in safe indoor environments and are instead forced to work alone on the streets This is the state of affairs in Vancouver as many aspects related to prostitutionthough not the exchange of sex for money itselfare illegal under Canadian law The predominant purpose of this paper will be to draw a parallel between Vancouvers former dropin centre for prostitutes called Grandmas House and the citys current safeinjection centre Insite I will explore the comparisons between these two institutionsone which is still running and one which has been shut downand examine the ways in which both sites have offered a safe place for the vulnerable and marginalized population of Vancouvers downtown east side to seek refuge and safety even while committing acts that are recognized as crimes in Canadian law Through such examination I will argue that women working in the sex trade in Vancouver need safe places to conduct business and that street prostitutes are currently both being morally and constitutionally violated by the Canadian legal system which forces them out onto the street and into dangerous and sometimes lifethreatening situations I will begin by examining historical interpretations of the sex trade as a means of pointing out the ways in which the Canadian laws regarding prostitution have not adapted over time even as public views of them have evolved I will then outline the institution of Grandmas House and use this outline to compare the House to Insite Through examining Insites long and complicated legal history I will be able to assert 2
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