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Chapter 1

Exploring Sociology Chapter 1 Notes Covers everything in chapter 1 of the textbook

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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Sara Cumming

Understanding the Sociological Imagination Sociologythe systematic study of human groups and their interactions Sociological Perspective a view of society based on the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live Even mundane choices like what to wear or where to eat have rich social significance and reveal a great deal about what sociologists find about human behaviour Charles Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination CW Mills suggested that people who do not or cannot recognize the social origins and character of their problems may be unable to respond to the problems effectively To some extend everything is a personal trouble But there are outside forces of social issues that also alter every occurrence Failing an exam is due to lack of studying be person but unfair marking scheme or wrongful teaching is a social effect that would affect the grade too Personal Troublepersonal challenges that require individual solutions Social Issues challenges caused by larger social factors that require collective solutions Mills says many personal troubles never become social issues because people rarely equate what is happening to them with the larger social worlds Quality of Mind Mills term for the ability to view personal circumstance within a social context nothing to do with education or intelligence level Example What if everyone failed the exam and just stuffed it in their bags without saying anythingEveryone would deal with their failure on their own and a possible social issue would never be addressedA trouble is never realized as an actual social issueHow did everyone else doWhat could I have done betterHow could I have studied more effectivelyWhat have I learned from this experience Mills argue that if people were to see themselves in a more social context they will see all shades of grey rather than a black and white world seeing the general in the particular and seeing the strange in the familiar Peter Berger Sociological Imagination CW Mills term for the ability to perceive how dynamic social forces influence individual lives
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