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Textbook Notes for BUS 304 at University of Fraser Valley (UFV)

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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeFall

CH.1 - Organizations & Organization Theory

OC372335 Page
Organizations: social entities that are goal-directed, are designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity system, and are linked to the e
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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeFall

Ch.2 - Strategy, Organization Design, and Effectiveness

OC372336 Page
The role of strategic direction in organization design. Top management role in organization direction, design, and effectiveness. Mission: the organiza
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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeFall

Ch.5 - Interorganizational Relationships

OC372334 Page
Interorganizational relationships are the relatively enduring resource transactions flow, and linkages that occur among two or more organizations. A co
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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeFall

Ch.11 - Innovation & Change

OC372339 Page
Innovate or perish: the strategic role of change. Forces driving the need for major organizational change: global changes, competition and markets. Tec
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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeSummer

Ch.9 - Organization Size, Life Cycle, and Decline

OC372336 Page
Chapter 9: organization size, life cycle, and decline. Organizational life cycle: a perspective on organizational growth and change that suggests that
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UFVBUS 304Liz WiebeSummer

Ch.13 - Conflict, Power, and Politics

OC372338 Page
Three ingredients for intergroup conflict: group identification, observable group differences and frustration (or anticipated frustration: frustration:
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