CH.1 - Organizations & Organization Theory

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Business Administration
BUS 304
Liz Wiebe

Chapter 1 Organizations and Organization TheoryCurrent Challenges of OrganizationsGlobalizationoMarkets technologies and organizations are becoming increasingly interconnectedEthics and social responsibilityoThe list of execs and major corporations involved in financial and ethical scandals continues to growSpeed of responsivenessoGlobalization and advancing technology has accelerated the pace at which organizations in all industries must roll out new products and services to stay competitiveThe digital workplaceoIn todays workplace many employees perform much of their work on computers and may work in virtual teams connected electronically to colleagues around the worldDiversityoBy 2050 it is estimated that 85 of entrants into the workforce will be women and people of colourRapid ChangePurpose of the CourseDeveloping insightsconceptsdecision makingWhat Is an OrganizationOrganizations social entities that are goaldirected are designed as deliberately structured and coordinated activity system and are linked to the external environmentTypes of OrganizationsMultinational corporationsSmall familyowned shopsForprofit versus nonprofit organizationsOrganizations exist to do the following1Bring together resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes2Produce goods and services efficiently3Facilitate innovation4Use modern manufacturing and information technologies5Adapt to influence a changing environment6Create value for owners customers and employees7Accommodate ongoing challenges of diversity ethics and the motivation and coordination of employeesPerspectives on Organizations
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