Ch.11 - Innovation & Change

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University of Fraser Valley
Business Administration
BUS 304
Liz Wiebe

Chapter 11 Innovation and ChangeInnovate or Perish The Strategic Role of ChangeForces Driving the Need for Major Organizational ChangeoGlobal Changes Competition and MarketsTechnological change international economic integration maturation of markets in developing nations fall of communist and socialist regimesoMore ThreatsMore competition domestic and international and increased speedoMore OpportunitiesBigger and more markets with fewer barriersoMore LargeScale Changes in OrganizationsStructure strategic culture changesKnowledge management quality planning mergers horizontal structures new technologies products ebusiness learning organizations new proceduresIncremental vs Radical ChangeoScope extent to which changes are incremental or radical for the organizationoIncremental change continual progressions that maintain the general equilibrium and often affect only one part of the organizationalHappen through established structure and processes improvementsoRadical change breaks the frame of reference for the organization often transforming the entire organizationCreation of new structure and new processes breakthroughs and new products then become establishedGrowing need for radical change due to turbulent unpredictable environmentoIncremental Change vs Radical ChangeContinuous progression vs paradigmbreaking burstAffect organizational part vs transform entire organizationThrough normal structure and management processes vs create new structure and managementTechnology improvements vs breakthrough technologyProduct improvements vs new products create new marketsoRadical changes get a lot of attention and can be powerful but constant implementation of small ideas result in sustainable competitive advantagesStrategic Types of ChangeoFour types of change are interdependent as a change in one means a change in another1Technology changesChanges in production process including knowledge and skill base that enable competencePage 1
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