Ch.13 - Conflict, Power, and Politics

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University of Fraser Valley
Business Administration
BUS 304
Liz Wiebe

Chapter 13 Conflict Power and PoliticsIntergroup Conflict in OrganizationsThree ingredients for intergroup conflict group identification observable group differences and frustration or anticipated frustrationoFrustration if one group achieves its goal another will notIntergroup conflict behaviour that occurs among organizational groups when participants identify with one group and perceive that other groups may block their groups goal achievement or expectations Competition rivalry among groups in the pursuit of a common price vs conflict has a direct interference with goal achievementSources of ConflictoSources of intergroup conflict are1Goal IncompatibilityGreatest cause of conflict and largest between marketing and manufacturingBreadth of product line variety vs uneconomical runsNew product introduction new products vs unnecessary changesProduct scheduling faster response vs realistic commitmentsPhysical distribution lack of inventory vs cost of huge inventoryQuality low cost high quality vs expensive options little utility2DifferentiationThe differences in cognitive and emotional orientations among managers in different functional departmentsDepartments have different values attitudes and standards of behaviour which can lead to conflict can be magnified with lack of trust3Task interdependenceDependence of one unit on another for materials resources and information Pooled interdependence little interactionSequential interdependence output of one goes into the next departmentReciprocal interdependence departments mutually exchange materials and informationThe more interdependence the more potential for conflict as departments may exert pressure for faster responses4Limited resourcesCompetition for perceived limited resources money facilities staffInflated budgets working behind the scenes can obtain resourcesResources can symbolize power and influence as well as prestige and as departments feel they have a legitimate claim on resources conflict arisesPage 1
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