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Business Administration
Marilyn Williams

Bustard 1 Tyler Bustard Mrs. Williams BA1501 12 November 2013 Assignment #6 –Annual Report Summary: The annual report for Kellogg’s was very detailed and I learned a lot of information. The report told the reader a lot about where the company was investing its money and why they invested money in that area. I learned that the company bought Pringles and wants to expand its snacks business. The company wants to remain a cereal leader and expand into China as the middle class expands. Kellogg’s wants to become a frozen food leader as they expand their frozen foods in supermarkets. The company says although Pringles in in debt right now they plan to get out of it through strategic planning. I was surprised that Kellogg’s is more than just cereal. I did not know this company owned frozen food products and snacks. I learned that in Mexicans eat cereal several times a day and usually after school in Europe. I found it surprising that the company Pringles went bankrupt and that is why Kellogg’s bought the snack company out. I found all the information I was looking for in the annual report. Understanding Company/ Inventory: • Inventory Turnover: Cost of Goods/ Inventory Sold = 8763/ 22 = $398,320,000 • Debt toAssets: Total Deb
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