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UOFGHBADM*1010Murray HorowitzFall

BADM*1010 Chapter Notes -Picketing, Canadian Human Rights Act, False Arrest

OC25273913 Page
Chapter one: fundamental rights: businesses are becoming increasingly sophisticated in using law suits to harm competitors, ensure consumer-protection
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UOFGHBADM*1010Murray HorowitzFall

LAW ch 5-12.docx

OC25273926 Page
Chapter five: making enforceable business agreements: a contract is an agreement that is enforceable in a court of law. Invitation to treat invitation
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UOFGHAHSS*1000Rauf AzharFall

MICRO 1-6.docx

OC25273933 Page
Scarcity refers to the limited nature of society"s resources. Going to a party the night before your midterm leaves less time for studying. Having more
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UOFGHAHSS*1000Rauf AzharFall

MICRO 7- 9.docx

OC25273918 Page
Recall, the allocation of resources refers to: how much of each good is produced, which producers produce it, which consumers consume it. The study of
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UOFGHAHSS*1250Jamie SmithFall

AHSS*1250 Chapter 9: ch9

OC7480771 Page
3: theoretical explanation: theories or hypotheses that try to. An inference to the best explanation can be cogent when arguments are really the best a
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UOFGHAHSS*1250Jamie SmithFall

AHSS*1250 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Tu Quoque, Fallacy, Begging

OC7480772 Page
Classification of fallacies: irrelevant premises reasons not concerning conclusion, unacceptable premises - relevant premises but don"t support conclus
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UOFGHAHSS*1030Thomas FoardFall

org beh 1-3.docx

OC25273922 Page
Chapter one: intro to the field of organizational behaviour. The field of organizational behaviour: organizational behaviour study of what people think
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UOFGHBADM*1030Andrea ChanceFall


OC25273910 Page
Timing issues: periodicity assumption economic lifetime of a business can be divided into artificial time periods. Prepayments: prepaid expenses are co
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UOFGHBADM*1010David MurrayFall

BADM*1010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Employment Contract, Syllogism, Specific Performance

OC34931929 Page
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UOFGHBADM*1040Jim HigginsonFall

MARKETING 5-7.docx

OC25273918 Page
Chapter 5: managing marketing information to gain customer insights. Information has no worth; its value comes from its use from the customer insights
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UOFGHAHSS*1250Jamie SmithFall

AHSS*1250 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Critical Thinking

OC7480772 Page
The systematic evaluation or formulation of beliefs or statements by rational standards is critical thinking. Critical thinking is primarily concerned
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UOFGHBADM*2020Scott Van WagnerFall

BADM*2020 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Femininity, Nonverbal Communication, Enculturation

OC23141593 Page
Consumer culture: commonly held beliefs that define what is socially gratifying. Example: the average pri(cid:272)e for a (cid:272)up of (cid:272)offee
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