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U WINDSORPSYC 1150Dr.Jill Singleton- JacksonFall

46-115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Problem Set, Discovery Learning, Mayonnaise

OC37243031 Page
12 Feb 2015
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U WINDSORSTEN 1000RiegerFall

Chapter 1 notes

OC166507 Page
5 Oct 2011
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U WINDSORCOMP 1047FerraraWinter

60-104 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Digital Divide, Mainframe Computer, Extended Ascii

OC4440816 Page
12 Apr 2015
True or false: cloud computing characterized the first phase of the digital revolution. False: a computer"s operating system is a type of application s
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U WINDSORPSYC 1150Ken CramerFall

Psychology 46-115 Chapter 11: 46-115 Notes on Emotion Motivation

OC1763903 Page
22 Nov 2013
Chapter 11: emotion and motivation (page 456 497) 7?) are cross-culturally universal: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, anger, motivation-st
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U WINDSORPSYC 1150Ken CramerFall

46-115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Von Restorff Effect, Memory Span, Iconic Memory

OC1763908 Page
22 Nov 2013
3 systems of memory: sensory, short-term, and long-term: span how much information can each system hold, duration how long can each system hold informa
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U WINDSORSACR 2600J.ReynoldsSummer

48-260 Chapter Notes - Chapter All: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Criminal Law Of Canada, Edwin Sutherland

OC1763909 Page
19 Dec 2013
Different crimes have different ways of committing and different punishment and has different ways of criminal behaviour. Definition of criminology (by
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U WINDSORPSYC 1160Ken CramerWinter

Psychology 46-116 Chapter 10: Notes on Human Development

OC1763903 Page
17 Dec 2013
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U WINDSORPSYC 3230Joseph CaseyWinter

46-323 Chapter Notes - Chapter unit 1: Muscle Tone, Projective Test, Chromosome

OC1507375 Page
4 Apr 2016
Marks a time period in ontario where medical and genetic characteristics played a role in recognizing someone as developmentally disabled. However, soc
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U WINDSORSTEN 1000FredetteFall

75-100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Offshoring

OC636002 Page
16 May 2013
Chapter 1: managing within the dynamic business env. Risk is the chance an entrepreneur takes of losing time and money on a business that may not prove
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U WINDSORPSYC 1150CramerSummer

46-115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2-4,11: Base Rate Fallacy, Extrasensory Perception, Daniel Kahneman

OC47217113 Page
22 Jul 2015
Psych final (chapters 2, 3, 4, & 11 +lecture) Stunning breakthrough in the treatment of infantile autism facilitator sits next to the child with autism
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U WINDSORPSYC 1150Ken CramerFall

46-115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Mary Cover Jones, Operant Conditioning Chamber, Reinforcement

OC1763906 Page
22 Nov 2013
Pairing sights and the sounds of products with celebrities. Latent inhibition difficulty in conditioning a familiar stimulus than an unfamiliar stimulu
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U WINDSORPSYC 1150Dr.Jill Singleton- JacksonFall

46-115 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Psychological Testing, Electroencephalography, Temporal Lobe

OC3724303 Page
12 Feb 2015
1a) the method dr. hans is using is brain mapping, more specifically identifying lesions. Scientists have discovered lesions, (areas of damage) in spec
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