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Chapter 1

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 1 Notes

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BUSI 1010U
William Thurber

BUSI1010UChapter 1 Notes CRITICAL THINKING WHY ITS IMPORTANTIdentifying Critical ThinkingWhat is Critical ThinkingCritical thinkingacollection of skills we use every day that are necessary for our full intellectual and personal developmentLogicthe study of the methods and principles used to distinguish correct or good arguments from poor argumentsOpinionabelief based solely on person feelings rather than on reason or facts Cognitive Development in College Students Stage 1 Dualism A dualistic approach is such that an answer is either right or wrong situations are black or white Students see knowledge as existing outside of themselves and look to authority for answers Students will often employ a conformation bias discounting any evidence which contradicts their argument as unreliable and unfit for acknowledgement Sophomoritisa period in a students life where heshe doubts all answers and figures of authority Stage 2 Relativism Students skip accepting ambiguity and uncertainty and adopt the other extreme Students in this stage believe that all things are relative and truth boils down to a matter of opinion Students believe that the right answer is a welldeveloped opinion and anyone who grades their answer wrong is simply judgmental Stage 3 Commitment Students who are able to change their opinion based on accurate evidence and reason Students who respect the ambiguity in their environment and use it as a learning tool to challenge authority to prove what is true and not trueCharacteristics of a Good Critical Thinker Analytical skills Effective communication Research and Inquiry skills Flexibility and Tolerance for Ambiguity Openminded Skepticism Creative problemsolving Attention mindfulness and curiosity Collaborative learning Critical Thinking and SelfDevelopment Living the SelfExamined Life Rather than opting for the associated security in flocking with the crowd
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