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Chapter 2

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 2 Notes

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BUSI 1010U
William Thurber

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BUSI1010UChapter 2 Notes REASON AND EMOTION What is Reason Reasonthe process of supporting a claim or conclusion on the basis of evidence It involves both the disciplined use of intelligence and the application of rules for problem solving See Wason Card Problem Logicreasoning is usually presented in the form of carefully laid out arguments in which a conclusion is supported by other propositions known as premises which provide reason or evidence for the conclusionTraditional Views of Reason Plato wrote in Phaedrus that the human soul is divided into one rational and two nonrational parts the two nonrational parts include the emotions and physical cravings such as hunger and sex drive he argued that when we are at our best all three divisions of the soul are in harmony According to Aquinas rationality is the divine spark in humans Darwin rejected the anthropocentric assumption that humans are a creation of the divine and claimed that reason evolved as a part of the adaptation of our behavior and that of other animals in the struggle for survival It is now accepted amongst the scientific community that many animals are capable of reason and do not act solely on unlearnt instinct Ironically it cannot be reasonably deduced that the World exists as the Scientific community claims but it is reasonable for us to believe that it exists Reason has a behavioral component a reasonable person adjusts hisher behavior to bring about the best outcomeGender Age and Reason Aristotle held that men and women have fundamentally different natures Men are guided by reason and logic while women are guided by emotion Aquinas taught that God created women for the sole purpose of procreation and as such women should give way to the authority of men
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