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Chapter 4

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 4 Notes

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BUSI 1010U
William Thurber

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BUSI1010UChapter 4 Notes KNOWLEDGE EVIDENCE AND ERRORS IN THINKING Human Knowledge and its LimitationsKnowledgeinformation or experience that we believe to be true for which we have justification or evidenceRationalism and Empiricism Rationalists claim that the most human knowledge comes through reason Empiricists claim that we discover truth primarily through our physical sensesStructure of the Mind Immanuel Kant how we experience reality is not simply a matter of pure reason or of using physical senses but depends on the structure of our mind We interpret our experiences rather than perceive them Because of the structure of our brain we are prone to certain perceptual and cognitive errorsEvaluating Evidence Evidencesomething that tends to prove or disprove a particular view So long as evidence does not contradict other evidence it is reasonable to consider it Evaluating the credibility of evidence is a key factor in deciding whether or not the evidence is noteworthyDirect Experience and False Memories Our brains interpret information rather than directly record it as a consequence to this memories are far from infallible even if the person remembering has complete confidence in the memory Language can alter memory completely or exaggerate certain details False Memory Syndromea phenomenon which demonstrates the suggestibility of memory in such a way where subjects claim to remember things that never happen
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