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Chapter 5

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 5 Notes

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BUSI 1010U
William Thurber

BUSI1010UChapter 5 Notes INFORMAL FALLACIESWhat is a FallacyFallacya faulty argument that at first appears to be correct Formal fallacya type of mistaken reasoing in which the form of an argument itself is valid In a formal fallacy the form of the argument itself is valid Example Some highschool dropouts are men No highschool dropouts are doctors Therefore no doctors are men In this example the first two parts of the argument are valid but the conclusion is flawed Informal fallacya type of mistaken reasoning that occurs when an argument is psychologically or emotionally persuasive but logically incorrect Fallacies of AmbiguityFallacy of ambiguityarguments that have ambiguous phrases or sloppy grammatical structureFALLACY OF EQUIVOCATION Fallacy of equivocationa key term in an argument changes the meaning during the course of the argument Example A man who is out of work may beat his wife In this example may can be interpreted as either giving permission to do so or stating the fact that
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