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Business Communications - Module 5

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BUSI 1020U
William Thurber

Module 5: Designing Documents, Slides, and Screens Business Communications January 29 2012 Why is Design Important? - Design is essential to meaning marketing. - Business audiences expect documents and slide design to make it easy for them to read and understand the content. - Document design can transform the way audiences see and respond to your message. Use White Space - White space (the empty space on the page) emphasizes the material that it separates from the rest of the text. - Creating white space is also known as “menu writing”, because the visual design principle – brief text highlighted by space – is the same as you find on restaurant menus, - You can create white space in several ways:  Use headings.  Use a mix of paragraph lengths  Use lists  Use tabs or indents – not spacing – to align items vertically  Use numbered lists when the number or sequence of items is exact.  Use bullets (large dots or squares) when the number and sequence are equal. - If you begin your list with a verb, then begin every following item on the list with a verb. This parallel structure meets the reader’s subconscious expectation. - Not Parallel: The following suggestions can help employers avoid bias in job interviews: o Base questions on the job description o Questioning techniques o Selection and training of interviewers - Parallel: The following suggestions can help employers avoid bias in job interviews: o Base questions on the job description o Ask the same question of all applicants o Select and train interviewers carefully. - Also Parallel: Employers can avoid bias in job interviews by: o Basing questions on the job description o Asking the same question of all applicants. o Selecting and training interviewers carefully. How should I design paper pages? - Follow these guidelines:  Use white space to separate and emphasize points.  Use headings to group points  Limit the use of word set in all-capitals  Use no more than 2 typefaces in a single document.  Decide whether to justify margins on the basis of the situation and the audience. Use Headings - Headings are words or short phrases that identify a complete idea and divide your letter, memo or report into sections.  Make headings specific  Make each heading cover all the material until the next heading  Keep headings at any one level parallel: all nouns, all complete sentences, or all questions. - Capitalize the first letters of the first word and other major words, use lowercase for all other words. Limit the use of Words set in All-Capitals - With all-capitals, words look rectangular; letters lose the descenders and ascenders that make reading easier and faster. Use no more than Two Fonts in a Single Document - Most computer fonts are proportional: Wider letters (such as w) take more space than narrower letters (such as i). - Example: times roman, palatino, Helvetica, Geneva and Arial. - Fixed fonts  every letter takes the same space.  Examples: courier and prestige elite. - Serif fonts  have little extensions, from the main strokes.  Easier to read in hardcopy documents because the serifs helps the eye move from letter to letter. - Sans serif fonts  fonts that lack serifs.  Example: Helvetica, Geneva, and arial.  Good for titles, tables and narrow columns. - In magnified text, sans serif fonts are easier to read; therefore use sans serif fonts for your ppt. Decide whether to Justify Margins on the Basis of the Situation and the Audience - Ragged right margins  margins that are justified on the left. - Full justification  type on the both sides of the page is evenly lined up. - Use justified margins when you:  Can use proportional typefaces  Want a more formal look  Want to use as few pages as p
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