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Business Communications - Module 23

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BUSI 1020U
William Thurber

Module 23 Using Visuals Business Communication thMarch 28 2012Why use VisualsAppropriate attractive visuals tell your story immediately they are faster and easier to understand and more memorableCondense and clarify data visuals are a readerfriendly way to communicate your pointsTablesnumbers or words arranged in rows and columnsFiguresare everything elseIn your rough draft use visuals o To see that ideas are presented completely o To find relationshipsIn the final presentation or document use visuals o To make points vivida visual catches the eye The brain processes immediately o To emphasize materialmight have been skipped if buried in a paragraph o To present material more compactly and with less repetition than words alone canWhat are Stories and how do I find themA story is something that is happening or will happen Look for relationships patterns and changesMade up of symbolswords images colours and iconsthat enable us to create and translate meaningUse the title of the visual to give your story context and emphasis o Example Not a storyAsian Exports 20072010 Possible storiesChina nad India Rule Export Trade Chinese Garlic Exports Flood Canadian MarketGood stories do at least one of several things o Support a hunch you have o Surprise or challenge socalled common knowledge o Show trends or changes you didnt know existed o Have commercial cultural or social significance o Provide information needed for action o Have personal relevance to you and audienceYou can find stories in 3 ways o Focus on a topico Simplify the data on that topic and convert the numbers to simple easytounderstand units o Look for relationships and changesMatrix tablemake graphical comparison provides a snapshot of englishspeaking Canadians satisfaction with certain industries
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