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Business Communications - Module 26

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BUSI 1020U
William Thurber

Module 26: Creating Persuasive Application Letters Business Communications March 31 2012 - The purpose of a job application letter ,and your resume is to impress the recruiter enough to want to interview you. - You will need to write a letter if you want to work for an organization that isn’t interviewing on campus or when you change jobs. - Use the cover letter to provide a brief preview of your resume, focusing on  Key requirements of the job for which you’re applying, using the language in the job posting  Skills and knowledge that differentiate you from other applicants  Language and information that demonstrates your knowledge of the organization and the industry  Experiences expressed in transferable, marketable skills. - Follow these guidelines to make your application letter professional: o Create your letter on a computer. Use a standard serif font in 12 point type o Address your letter to a specific person. o Use the language of the organization and the industry o Use contact or employee names if the reader knows them and thinks well of them, if they think well of you and will say good things about you and if you have permission to use their names. o Always connect an experience with a resultant skill that you know the prospective employer wants. o Unless you’re applying for a creative job, use business stationery and a conservative style: few contractions, no sentence fragments, clichés, or slang. What Kind of Letter Should I use? - It depends on whether the company has asked for applications - Write a solicited letter when you know that the company is hiring: you’ve seen an ad, you’ve been advised to apply by a professor or friend, or you’ve read online or in a trade publication that the company is expanding. - Unsolicited or prospecting letter  When the advertised positions may not be what you want or you may want to work for an organization that has not announced openings in your area. How are the 2 letters different? - They begin and end differently - When you know the company is hiring, organize your letter in this way: o State that you’re applying for the job. Tell where you learned about the job, briefly show that you have the major qualifications required by the ad. Summarize other qualifications briefly in the same order you plan to discuss in the letter. This summary sentence or paragraph then covers everything you will talk about, and serves as an organizing device for your letter. o Develop your major qualifications in detail. Be specific about what you’ve done, relate your achievements to the work you’d be doing in the new job. o Develop your other qualifications even if the ad doesn’t ask for them. Show what separates you from the other prospects who’ll also apply. o Ask for an interview, tell when you’ll be available to be interviewed. End on a positive note. Prospecting - When you don’t have any evidence that the company is hiring, organize your letter: o Catch the reader’s interest. o Create a bridge between the attention-getter and your qualifications. Focus on what you know and can do. Summarize your qualifications briefly in the same order in which you plan to discuss them in the letter. o Develop your strong points in detail, be specific. Relate what you’ve done in the past to what you could do for this company. o Ask for an interview and tell when you’ll be available for interviews. End of a positive, forward-looking note. The first Paragraph of a Solicited Letter - When you know that the firm is hiring, refer to the specific position in your first sentence. - Identify where you learned about the job. - The following first paragraph of a letter in re
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