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BUSI 1020U
William Thurber

Business CommunicationUnit One Building Effective MessagesModule 1 Introducing Business CommunicationsWhy do we communicateTechnologyChanges our expectations about where when and how we communicateWhyOur innate need to make meaning To identify and express ourselves To get work done To gain recognition To make our lives meaningfulWe communicate most successfully when we 1Take the time to consider consciously what results we want2Adapt our message content tone and style to meet the needs of the audience so we can achieve those resultsElements of persuasion We cannot get what we want unless and until we identify and satisfy the other persons needsHow is Business Communication DifferentFunctionUses specific formatting and style conventions to get the job doneTime is money Audiences Primary NeedGet the message clearly and completely the first timeBest Business Communication meets Audiences expectations and purposesMediumFormatStyleToneTechnology DisadvantageTrained us to expect easy immediate message transfer while increasing the complexity of our communication methodsWorkers useMedia Intelligence FinesseKey to careersSophisticated Communication SkillsIdentified by Conference board of Canada and the US Secretarys Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills SCANS
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