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William Thurber

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Business CommunicationModule 3 Communicating across CulturesOur ability to communicate flexibly and sensitively with others is a necessary for our personal and professional successMulticultural Awareness Makes sound economic ethical and legal senseWhat is cultureOur culture is a learned set of assumptions that shape our perceptions of the world and of appropriate values norms attitudes and behavioursPerceptions about gender age and social class are culturally based as are our ideas aboutRaceEthnicityReligious practicesSexual OrientationPhysical appearance and abilityRegional and national characteristicsNo culture is monolithicCultural diversity not restricted to ethnicityCommunication difficulties arise because we take our cultural behaviours for granted and because we assume they are normalWhat is Canadian CultureCanada is a country of diverse culturesHome to 200 ethnic groupsAlmost a quarter of a million people from all over the world choose to immigrate to Canada every yearTorontoMost ethnically diverse city in the world home to 80 ethnic groups speaking 100 languagesBusiness CommunicationIf it continues by 2017 Canada will have over 22 of Canadas population foreignborn 15 will be members of a visible minoritySouth Asian and Chinese immigrants are two largest of Canadas visible minority populationImmigrants to Canada are essential for business productivityWithout immigrants Canada would not have had the labour force necessary to prosper thstduring the boom times of the late 20 and early 21 centuriesSkilled immigrants who arrived in the past 10 years accounted for 70 of the growth in Canadas labour force during the same periodCurrent research makes much of agerelated behavioural differences as a source of potential workplace conflictZoomers Boomers with Zip The 145 million Canadians 45plusZipMost people over 30 are immigrants to the new Millennial culture those born between 1979 and 1994People born before 1979 can never be natives like the Millennials who are a huge generation of impatient experiential learners digital natives multitasks and gamers who expect nomadic connectivityMillennial Multitasking answering cellphones at business lunch in meetings and even in the middle of a conversationMost cultures find this rude rules placed to regulate cell phone use in workplacesCultural Sensitivitynot only emotionally intelligent but also financially smart people you work with and for are not just like you being aware of others norms and values enables you to shape your messages for positive resultsRecognition of and respect for the diverse views of others is also legally responsible behaviour Rapidity of Change and economic effects of globalizationDemand effective intercultural communicationForeign trade Essential to growth of both individual businesses and Canadas economyPrimary trading partnerUS
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