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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Introdution to Excel.docx

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BUSI 1520U
Amin Ibrahim

Chapter 1 Introduction to ExcelIntroduction to SpreadsheetsSpreadsheetan electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows used to organize related data and to display results of calculations enabling interpretation of quantitative data and to display results for decision makingSpreadsheet Programa computer application such as Microsoft Excel that you use to create and modify electronic spreadsheets Planning for Effective Workbook and Worksheet DesignWorksheetsingle spreadsheet that typically contains descriptive labels numeric values formulas functions and graphical representation of dataWorkbooka collection of one or more related worksheets contained within a fileSteps to designing a workbook and a worksheet1State the purpose of the worksheet2Decide what input values are needed3Decide what outputs are needed to achieve the purpose of the worksheet4Assign the worksheet inputs and results into columns and rows and consider labelling5Enter the labels values and formulas in Excel6Format the numerical values in the worksheet7Format the descriptive titles and labels attractively but so as not to distract your audience from the purpose of the worksheet8Document the worksheet as thoroughly as possible9Save the completed workbookAddIns Tab Might see an AddIns tab on the ribbon This tab indicates that additional functionality such as an updated office feature or an officecompatible program has been added to your system Are used to increase your productivityIdentify Columns Rows and Cells
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