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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Strategic human resource management What is human resources management -Organization bring people together in a coordinated manner to accomplish goal or objectives that could otherwise not be accomplished by a single individual -organization goal may be categorized into economics (eg.profit, shareholder value)social (eg ethical practices) , and environmental (eg. Reduction of carbon footprint) goals. -for an organization to meet its goal all employees must engage in actions and behaviours that move the organization closer to its goals. If not the organization will fail. *human resource management- is the leadership and management of people within an organization using systems, methods, processes and procedures that enable employees to achieve their own goals that in turn enhance the employee’s positive contribution to the organization to the organization and its goal. -this helps the organization to achieve it primary objective -if employee goal are ignored in the system then workers performance will go down, or they might leave the organization *organization Goals- an organizations short and long term goals that human resource management aims to support and enable -human resource department is a specialized group with a primary focus of ensuring the most effective use of human resource system by individual manager and the organization overall Strategic human resource management -human resource management does not exist independently of a larger framework. The larger frame work is strategic human resource management. The strategy is like a game plan it involves large scale, future oriented, integrated plans to achieve organizational goal an respond to uncertain and competitive environment facing the organization. -strategy are formulated at three level, (corporate,)nvolving the entire organization, ( business)involving a major activity , business or division in a large multi business organization; and functional involving managers of different activities services )eg finance marketing, or geographical areas. -strategic human resource management is systematically linked to the strategic need of an organization and aims to integrate human resource management strategies and systems to support the organization overall mission, strategies, and success while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders. -human resources tactics are methods , procedures, or systems employed by human resource managers to achieve specific strategies -human resources startegies and tactics should be mutually consistent and that they reflect the larger organizational mission and strategy. -strategic human resource management often enables an organization to anticipate a challenge or problem and address it before it impact the organization. *Proactive human resource management-a human resource managemtn approach wherein decision makers anticipate problems or challenges and take action before it impact the organization. *reactive human resource management-a human resource management approach where in decision makers respond to problems or challenges rather than anticipate them. -this involves 6 steps Step 1) environmental scan -some environmental forces can be economic, technological, political, social, demographic,legal, cultural, or nature. -major forces facing Canadian organization can be grouped under economic, technological, demographic, cultural, and legal. *economic forces – economic factors facing Canadian business today including global trade forces and the forces to increase ones own competitiveness and productivity levels. First force of economic forces is economic cycle. Capitalist economies go thourgh boom and bust cycles. Economic forces(global trade)- international trade has always been cri
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