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Chapter 8

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BUSI 2312U

Chapter 8 Performance ManagementPerformance ManagementPerformance managementthe use of performance data to effect organizational culture systems and processes set goals allocate resources affect policies and programs and share resultsPerformance appraisalthe process by which organizations evaluate employee job performanceThe ideal performance management system provides incentives for employees to concentrate on improving things that contribute most to value creation ranging from hiring the right people to producing high quality goods or services to using the most effective training and development programsTo make performance management work requires several characteristics1Performance Objectivescritical aspect of a companys strategy which if not met may result in lower customer satisfaction and other less desirable organizational results2Performance Goalsthese are achievable and realistic targets to which actual outcomes can be compared3Performance ManagementMeasuring the process of achieving preset goals including the efficiency of transforming resources into goods and services their quality client satisfaction quality of decision making and efficiency and effectiveness of management contributions4Output measuresquantity and quality assessments5Outcome measuresresults of programs compared to present targetsPerformance Management System GoalsWill try to achieve the following objectives1Transform organizational objectives into clearly understood measurable outcomes that define success and are shared with stakeholders and outside the organization2Provide instruments for measuring managing and improving the overall health and success of the organization3Include measures of quality cost speed customer service and employee satisfaction motivation and skills to provide an indepth predictive performance management system4Shift from perspective audit and compliance based management to an ongoing forward looking strategic partnership between two and middle management and employeesPerformance management as part of Managerial StrategyAn important element of any strategic planning is the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the human resources in the organization seen as part of the performance management processCritical in performance management process is an effective appraisal systemit makes explicit what constitutes the effective and efficient behaviour on the part of an individual employee that is critical to implementing the strategic planFor HR departments performance appraisals make compensation placement training development and career guidance decisions more effective Elements of the Performance Appraisal SystemMust identify1performance related criteria2measure those criteria3give feedback Key elements of Performance Appraisal SystemDevelops performance appraisals for employees in all departments meant to ensure uniformityResearch shows that the immediate supervisor is often the best position to evaluate the appraisalTo achieve an accurate picture of an individuals performance it must be jobrelated practical have standards and use dependable measuresJob related means that the system evaluates critical behaviours that constitute job successWithout reliability and validity the system may discriminate in violation of antidiscrimination laws Practical system is one that is understood by evaluators and employees
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