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Chapter 11

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BUSI 2312U

Chapter 11Managing Employee Relations7 factors as important in building employee commitment1Trust in senior leadership2A chance to use skills on the job3Job security4Competitiveness of rewards5The quality of the organizations productsservices6The absence of work related stress7The honesty and integrity of the employers business conductStrategic Importance of Employee Relations PracticesEmployee relations is a complex blend of organizational culture human resource practices and individual perceptionsFour major reasons to why employee relations practices are important1Good employee relations practices improve productivitySignificantly affected by 2 factors Ability and attitudeAbility is simply whether the employee is able to perform the job Influenced by training education innate aptitude tools and work environmentsAttitude is an individuals willingness to perform the job Affected by a myriad of factors such as level of motivation job satisfaction and commitment to work2Good employee relations ensure the implementation of organizational strategiesEnsures that organizational goals and strategies are properly communicated to the employees and receive their commitment3Good employee relations practices reduce employment costsWhen concern for and interest in employees becomes part of the overall organizational culture significant cost savings in terms of reduced absenteeism and turnover can emergeAlso give them a recruiting advantage as more job applicants prefer to work for an organization that treats them fair and offer a challenging job with potential for career growth4Good employee relations help employees grow and developImproved employee morale loyalty improved productivity ready availability of skilled personnel withinFive key components to effective employee relations1Communication2Counselling3Discipline4Rights5InvolvementEffective Employee CommunicationInformation about the organization its environment its products and services and its people is essential to management and employeesApproaches are1Downward communications systemexist to get information to employees2Upward communication systemsexist to obtain information from employeesDownward Communication SystemsInformation that begins at some point in the organization and feeds down the organization hierarchy to inform or influence othersTopdown methods are necessary for decision makers to have their decisions carried out
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