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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Ensuring Health and Safety at the Workplace.docx

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BUSI 2312U

Chapter 13Ensuring Health and Safety at the WorkplaceAssumption of riskthe worker accepting all the customary risks associated with his or her occupation75 of this plants entire workforce lost time from work because of accidents on their jobCareless worker modelthe early approach to safety in the workplace which assumed that most accidents were due to workers failure to be careful or to protect themselvesShared responsibility modela newer approach to safety in the workplace that assumes the best method to reduce accident rates relies on the cooperation of the employer and the employees who may be represented by a unionAccident rates reduce when the following occur1Management is committed to safety in the workplace2Employees are informed about accident prevention3Consultation between the employer and employees takes place on a regular basis4There is a trusting relationship between the employer and staff5Employees have actual input into the decisionmaking processWorkplace Injuries and Health HazardsEstimate about 4 Canadian workers die every working day from an occupational injury or disease and 1 in 48 workers is injured severely enough to miss at least 1 day of work a yearCost about 7billion annual in compensation for workplace accidents and occupationrelated illnessesSeveral factors contribute to the complexity of managing safety in the workplace1The effects of some industrial diseases do not show up for years2Employers may clean up a health or safety problem before an inspector arrives3Companies may fail to monitor or disclose health risks4Employees may fail to follow safe practices at the workplace or engage in dangerous behaviourWorkplace InjuriesDirect costs of injuries lost wages first aid and medical treatment rehabilitation and disability compensationIndirect costs lost production recruiting selecting and training of new employees damage to facilities and equipment
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