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Chapter 8

BUSI 3040U Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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BUSI 3040U
Stephen Marsh

Chapter 8: Wireless, Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce Mobile computing a realtime connection between a mobile device and other computing environments Mobile commerce (mcommerce) electronic commerce transactions that are conducted with a mobile device Pervasive computing (ubiquitous computing) computer environment where virtually every object has processing power together with wireless or wired connections to a global network Wireless Technologies Make productive use of time that formerly was wasted People can take these devices with them, their location of work are becoming much more flexible Wireless technology enables working time to be scheduled around personal and professional obligations wireless devices provide 3 major advantages to uses: o they are small enough to easily carry or wear o they have sufficient computing power to perform productive tasks o they can communicate wirelessly with the Internet and other devices Wireless Transmission Media o Microwave transmission a wireless system that uses microwaves for highvolume, longdistance, pointto point communication o Satellite transmission wireless system that beams uninterrupted, near CDquality music to your radio from satellites o Propagation delay any delay in communications due to signal transmission time through a physical medium o Global position systems (GPS) wireless system that uses satellites to enables to determine their position anywhere on earth o Internet over Satellite (IoS) o Radio transmission uses radiowave frequencies to send data directly between transmitters and receivers o Infrared type of wireless transmission that uses red light not usually visible to human eyes o Bluetooth chip technology that enables shortrange connection (data and voice) between wireless devices o Ultrawideband (UWB) highbandwidth wireless technology with transmission speeds in excess of 100Mbps that can be used for applications such as streaming multimedia from, say, a personal computer to a television o Nearfield communication (NFC) the smallest of shortrange wireless networks, designed to embedded in mobile devices such as cell phones and credit cards MediumRange Wireless Networks o Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) set of standards for wireless local area networks based on the IEEE 802.11 standard Wireless access point antenna connecting a mobile device to a wired local area network Hotspot small geographical perimeter within which a wireless access point provides service to a number of users o Wireless Mesh Network network composed of motes in the physical environment that wakeup at intervals to transmit data to their nearest neighbor mote WideArea Wireless Networks o Cellular telephones phones that provide twoway radio communications over a cellular network of base stations with seamless handoffs o Wireless Broadband or WiMAX Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce Mobile Commerce o Widespread availability of mobile devices o No need for a PC o The cellphone culture o Declining prices o Bandwidth improvement Mobile Commerce Applications o Locationbased commerce (Lcommerce) mobile commerce transactions targeted to individuals in specific locations, at specific times o Financial services o Intrabusiness Application o Accessing information Mobile portal portal that aggregates and provides content and services for mobile user Voice portal website with an audio interface
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