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Chapter 2

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BUSI 3040U
Stephen Marsh

Chapter2OrganizationalStrategyCompetitiveAdvantageInformationSystems21BusinessProcessesA business process is an ongoing collection of related activities that create a product or a service of value to the organization its business partners andor its customers has inputs and outputs can be measuredCrossFunctional ProcessesNo single functional area is responsible for their execution rather multiple functional areas collaborate to perform the process Ex Product development involves research design engineering manufacturing marketing and distributionExample 2 Procurement process includes functional areas from warehouse purchasing and accountingA system that isnt fulfilment and doesnt perform as well will become a liability and hurt the company than help it ex an airline that provides out of date information compared to a competitor that has it uptodate real time22BusinessProcessReengineeringandBusinessProcessManagementSome measures of business excellence are1 Customer Satisfaction the result of optimizing and aligning business processes to fulfill customers needs wants and desires2 Cost reduction The result of optimizing operations and supplier processes3 Cycle and fulfillment Time The result of optimizing the manufacturing and logistics process4 Quality The result of optimizing the design development and production process5 Differentiation The result of optimizing the marketing and innovation process6 Productivity The result of optimizing each individuals work processBusiness Process Reengineering BPRa strategy or improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations business process the key is to examine their business from a clean sheet perspective and determine how they can best reconstruct those processes to improve their functionsBusiness Process Management BPMa management technique that includes methods and tools to support the design analysis implementation management and optimization of business processes
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