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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Information Security

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BUSI 3040U
Stephen Marsh

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Chapter4InformationSecurity41IntroductiontoInformationSecuritySecurityThe degree of protection against criminal activity danger damage andor lossInformation Securityall of the processes and policies designed to protect an organizations information and information systems IS from unauthorized access use disclosure disruption modification or destructionThreatto an information resource is any danger to which a system may be exposedExposureof an information resource is the harm loss or damage that can result if a threat compromises that resource VulnerabilityPossibility that the system will be harmed by a threat 5 Key factors that are contributing to the increasing vulnerability of organizational information resources making it much more difficult to secure them1 Todays interconnected independent wirelessly networked business environment2 Smaller faster cheaper computers and storage devices3 Decreasing skills necessary to be a computer hacker4 International organized crime taking over cybercrime5 Lack of management supportTrusted networkAny network within your organizationUntrusted networkAny network external to your organizationScripts Internet contains information and computer programs that users with few skills can download and use to attack any information system connected to the internetCybercrimeillegal activities conducted over computer networks particularly the internet42UnintentionalThreatstoInformationSystemsTwo main categories of threats are1 UNINTENTIONAL THREATS2 DELIBERATE THREATS
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