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Chapter 1

BUSI 3503U Chapter 1: E-Marketing 2013 - Chapter 1

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BUSI 3503U
Cuiping Chen

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Chapter 1: Introduction EMarketing About the Internet EMarketing: use the Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and their related technologies to do marketing. Internet The worlds largest network of interconnected distributed computers. Intranet A proprietary computer network that operates like the Internet, using TCPIP protocols, but is closed to outside users and typically restricted to employees and approved visitors. Extranet A proprietary computer network that links several intranets and users. Origins of the Internet Researchers began work in 1960s The birth of the Internet was a direct result of cold war fears. The U.S. government funded many Internetrelated inventions. The Internets birth date is often officially cited as 1983, when TCPIP protocols and standardization were adopted. Two key early adopters: o University instructors and researchers o The United States military Governed initially by the National Science Foundation, which prohibited all commercial transactions The Internet Goes Mainstream Email propelled the Internet off campus and outside the military Government regulation dissolved in early 1990s By 1994, the Internet had gone commercial Virtuous Business Cycle for Net Growth It starts with user fascination Providers see the developing opportunity and rush to create new websites and content Buss feeds back into both consumers and business interest and desire to experiment with the new technology Virtuous Business Cycle Is a business system with positive feedback Each element in the business system feeds off another element in the system and feeds into yet another element in the system If the cycle is strong enough, it can actually be a selffulfilling expectation A Dot Com World The virtuous Web cycle leads to rapid growth of o Consumer access o Internet usage o Content online Booms and Busts Fascination with the web also led to an infusion of investment capital Aggressive, expensive battle for customers doomed many startups Greater discipline and more costeffective marketing plans allowed the dotcom era to take root What Lies Ahead What is the percentage of the worlds population online? And the dominance of American users is shrinking dramatically New Technologies, New Opportunity Advanced Connection Devices from cell phones to home wireless systems increase the potential online consumer audience Faster Internet Connections bring marketing messages to the audience more swiftly New Information Appliances, such as Apples iPhone, integrate technology advances with specific consumer demands Rethinking Marketing Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. American Marketing Association (AMA)
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