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Chapter 9

BUSI 3503U Chapter 9: E-Marketing 2013 - Chapter 9

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BUSI 3503U
Cuiping Chen

Chapter 9: Personalization Benefits of Personalization Product distinction a standard product becomes a specialized solution Low cost access to luxury and status of personalized services Survival through differentiation Increased switching costs and customer loyalty The personalization Balance Personalization means costs Personalization links to customers profitability Personalization efforts can produce backlash Class envy Excessive personalization wastes time Sometimes, standardization is just fine Many opportunities for customization and personalization Product services, websites, communication Personalization Firminitiated: o Personalized webpages o Personalized marketing messages Customerspecified: o Personalization tools allow customers to specify features of a homepage Personalization Approaches Mass customization o Customization is hardly a digital age development,; internetbased mass customization lives not in knits, but in bits o Combines individuallevel information and modular production to the production of goods and services for a relatively large market, which meet exactly the needs of each individual customer with regard to certain product characteristics at costs roughly corresponding to those of stand massproduced goods o The internet is important accurate, timely, and relevant individual customer information (tastes, preferences, behaviour) o Two dimensions of mass customization Representation Product functional attributes o Collaborative customization online reconfiguration of a product to match consumer preferences Both representation and product functional attributes could change, based on the customers choices Choosing a car o Cosmetic customization packaging choices personalize standards products o Only representation changes choosing iPod case o Transparent Customization the product itself changes capabilities and performance or online behaviour without representation changes or with minimal attention drawn to the change Only product functional attributes change Smart Ads o Adaptive customization product features naturally customize themselves or are individually configured Little change in both representation and product functional attributes weather reports by zip code Choice assistance o ATG specialized in individualization technology o click to call and click to chat Personalized interactions o Users must be authenticated through a certain way Online through Web servers, browser cookies or registration systems Email and Instant Messaging accounts Cell phones and wireless PDAs Credit card information Personalized Messaging o With an established address, online behaviour patterns suggest best approach for personalized messaging o Distinct online event or inquiries can provide trigger moments for messaging
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