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Chapter 7

BUSI 4220U Chapter 7: BUSI4220U - Chapter 7

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BUSI 4220U
Salma Karray

Differentiation: one key to customer preference and competitive advantage Consumers or organizational customers choose what they buy for one of two reasons: what they choose is better, in some sense, or cheaper In either case, the good or service they choose is, in some way, almost always different from others they could have chosen Differentiation among competing brands o Creating both physical and perceptual differences, using all the elements of the marketing mix product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions is what effective brand positioning seeks to accomplish Physical positioning Limitations of physical positioning o A simple comparison of only the physical dimensions of alternative offerings usually does not provide a complete picture of relative positions because, as we noted earlier, positioning ultimately occurs in customers minds o Perceptual positioning analysis whether aimed at discovering opportunities for new product entries or evaluating and adjusting the position of a current offering is critically important Perceptual positioning While the physical properties of a product certainly influence the benefits provided, a consumer can typically evaluate a product better on the basis of what it does than what it is Levers marketers can use to establish brand positioning Simply physically based attributes Complex physically based attributes Essentially abstract attributes Price Preparing the foundation for marketing strategies: the brand positioning process Step 1: identify a relevant set of competitive products Step 2: identify determinant attributes o Features are often used in physical product positioning and, hence, with industrial products o Benefits, like features, are directly related to a product o Parentage includes who makes it and prior products o Manufacturing process is often the subject of a firms positioning efforts
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