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Chapter 6&7

Abnormal Psych Ch. 6 & 7 Notes

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PSYC 2030U
Ronn Young

Chapter 6 SomatoformDissociative DisordersSomatoform Disorders OverviewSomaMeaning BodyOverly preoccupied with their health or body appearanceNo identifiable medical condition causing the physical complaintsTypes of DSMIV Somatoform DisordersHypochondriasisConversion DisorderPain DisorderBody Dysmorphic DisorderHypochondriasisOverviewPhysical complaints without clear cause o Severe anxiety focused on the possibility of having a serious disease o Strong disease conviction o Medical reassurance does not seem to help o Steven Taylor Clinical psychologist at UBC is well known for work in this area Good prevalence data are lackingOnset at any age and runs in chronic courseCausesCognitive perceptual distortionsFamilial history of illnessTreatmentChallenge illness related misinterpretationsProvide more substantial and sensitive reassuranceStress management and coping strategiesSomatization DisorderOverviewExtended history of physical complaints before age 30Substantial impairment in social and occupational functioningConcerned over symptoms themselves not what they might meanSymptoms becomes persons identity Rare conditionOnset usually in adolescentsMost affects unmarried low SES womenRuns a chronic courseCausesFamilial history of illnessRelation with antisocial personality disorderWeak behavioural inhibition system
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