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Chapter 3

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Social Science
SSCI 2900U
Olga Marques

Research MethodsChapter 3 Planning a research project and formulating research question1 Getting to know wat is expected of u by ur institution a The advice is simple Follow the requirements instructions and info you are given2 Thinking abt ur research area 3 Using ur supervisor a Most institution dat require a dissertation or similar component allocate students to supervisorsb Schools differ in what can be expected of supervisors they vary in terms of what kind of and how much assistance supervisor will give student allocated to themc Advice abt the supervisor is that use Ur supervisor to the fullest extent that you r allowed to and follow the pointers and the tips that you r given by him or herd If your supervisor is critical of Ur research questions Ur interview schedule drafts of your dissertation or whatever try to respond positively4 Managing ur time and resources a All research is constrained by time and resources There is no point in working on research questions and plans that cant b seen through cuz of time pressure or cuz of the costs involvedb Two points r relevant 1 workout a timetable dealing wid diff stages of ur research The timetable should specify the diff stages and the calendar points at which u should start and finish them Some stages r likely to b ongoing 2 Find out what if any resources can b put at ur disposal for carrying out ur research Will the institution b able to loan u hardware such as recording equipment and transcription machines if u need to record and transcribe ur interview Has it got the software u need such SPSS or qualitative data analysis package like NVivo This kind of info will help u to establish how far your research design and methods r financially feasible and practical It would require such facilities as typing up the questionnaire5 Formulating suitable research questions a Many students want to conduct research into areas that r of personal interest to them However
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