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Chapter 1

ADM 1100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Management, Energizer

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ADM 1100
Alan O' Sullivan

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Chapter 1
The Goal: organizational performance
- successful performance=profitability over time
- profits= sales revenue minus costs
- Managers have an affect/ contribute on the cost and revenue side
- Managers doing= directly influencing profitability
- performance depends on the taking of action
- management=getting mostly other people to act in ways that build profitability
- there is a line of cause and effect on the cost/revenue sides; it can be indirect or
Identifying the content of managers work:
- behavioural content: distinguish managerial work in terms of:
- the function or specialty (HR, production, marketing)
- roles tied to broad kinds of resources (information, people, money)
(p.20) Managerial roles:
* in general, managers do not actually do anything, they have an indirect influence
- Thinker(conceptual skills): indirectly influence action through manipulating
information flow
- Energizer (human skills): indirectly influence action through manipulating people
- Doer (technical skills): directly executing some activity from start to finish
* these roles should be rare
- The thinker: external information planning and generating
- Energizer: getting people involved and understanding the planned action (higher
levels of management, and employees); coaching/ motivating
- Doer: the interviewing process, hiring, orientations
The Process:
- 4 general activities, 3 general roles and many kinds of specialist activities and roles
Matching resources to hierarchy:
- top managers: do more of the thinking, and less doing
- middle managers: spend the most time energizing
- first-line managers: spend the most time doing
- Major purpose of all this categorization: match the skill set of the individual to a
particular managerial position
- to balance the mix of activities and of roles for managerial position
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