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Chapter 10

ADM1101 Chapter 10: Chapter 10 - Key Terms

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Kevin Petit- Frere

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Chapter 10 - Regulating Business Notes
Self Regulation:
Regulation imposed by the corporation or industry itself rather than by the government.
Self-regulatory organizations (SROs):
Industry groups that are delegated or designated a regulatory function including the
development, use, and enforcement of standards.
Tax expenditures or Tax Credits:
Potential revenues that the government chooses not to collect; any form of incentive or
relief granted through the tax system rather than government expenditures.
Chosen Instrument:
A corporation within a particular industry that receives some form of special attention
from government through grants, loans, purchasing policy, or tax incentives.
Mixed Enterprises:
Those in which a government owns equity in a private-sector enterprise.
Public-private partnerships (PPP):
A cooperative venture between the public and private sector, built on the expertise of
each partner, that best meets clearly defined public needs through the appropriate
allocation of resources, risks, and rewards.
All attempts to influence directly or indirectly any government activity; includes any
attempt to influence legislators, their staff members, public administration, and members
of regulatory agencies.
Corporate Public Affairs:
The management function responsible for monitoring and interpreting the governmental
environment of the corporation or industry and for managing the responses necessary to
protect the interests of the corporation or industry.
Corporate Agenda:
The real or imagined alleged domination of public policy or government programs by
corporations or business organizations in their own best interest.
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