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ADM2337- Chapter 4
Job Design and Job
What is a Job?
- A group of related activities and duties
What is a position?
- The collection of tasks and activities performed by ONE PERSON
What is an organization structure?
- The formal relationships among jobs in the organization.
How is it depicted?
- An organization chart
What is the Chain of Command?
- The formal vertical reporting structure.
What is span of control?
- The number of people who are reporting to an individual
What does the span of control in a bureaucratic organization typically look like?
- Narrow
- It is tall and has many layers
- Decision-making takes a long time to make.
- It has centralized decision-making.
- Jobs tend to be more specialized and narrow
- Job descriptions focus more on individuals.
Job Design
- Process of systematically organizing work into tasks required to perform a
Design considerations:
- Degree of specialization
- Behavioural aspects.
o Job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment, team-based job design.
- Ergonomic aspects
- Need for flexibility
Job Analysis
- In order to design the job
- The procedure for determining tasks, duties and responsibilities of each job
and the human attributes (knowledge, skills, abilities) required to perform it.
Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Info Qualitative
- Interviews (individual, group, supervisory)
o Most common method.
o When you do individual interviews you do some kind of validation.
- Questionnaires
- Observation
o Very useful for jobs with physical tasks, and different activities
- Participant Diary/Log
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