ADM 2372 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: State Implementation Plan, Customer Relationship Management, Takers

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15 Apr 2012
Chapter 4 Enterprise Resource Planning
Six Best Practices of Innovation.
Finding your Relevant Edge:
- Finding a competitive advantage. It is related to innovation because
innovation by definition is introducing something new (product, equipment).
- How could I differentiate myself by innovating? Going in a direction that I’m
not going into, and finding a new market.
Assemble Innovation Hothouses:
- Employees who are really motivated, or people who have specific skills and
are not afraid to take risks in the organization.
- Assemble people who are up for taking risks, and going into new areas who
would be afraid to go into those areas.
Reward Risk Takers:
- Reward the people who took risks and thought outside the box.
Celebrate Diversity:
- Celebrate ideas, different cultures.
- You have to make sure you have a balance of cultures within the
Look Around:
- Look around for new opportunities.
- Look for new disciplines in new areas, and at your competitors to see what
kind of innovations they are coming up with.
- You look outside the industry and look outside in terms of groups and
- You want to make use of the expertise and innovation to adapt it to the
Mix Practitioners and Developers:
- The most significant risks you face when you embark on IT projects are:
o The translation of the users need versus what the programmers are
o Technology is high in terms of being risky.
Overview of Enterprise Applications:
- There are different functional areas in an organization, and different levels of
- You could go about implementing enterprise systems that span throughout
functional systems and organization.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):
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