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Chapter 2

ADM 2736 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Job Performance, Flight Attendant, Organizational Commitment

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ADM 2736
Laurent Lapierre

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Job Performance
Individual characteristics and group mechanisms
- Personality, cultural values, ability
- Teams, diversity, communications
- Power, influence, negotiation
- Leadership styles and behaviour
Organizational mechanisms
- Organizational structure
- Organizational culture and change
Individual mechanisms
- Job satisfaction
- Stress
- Motivation
- Trust, justice, ethics
- Learning and decision-making
Individual outcomes
- Job performance
- Organizational commitment
Best Buy as an example
- Results Oly Wok Eioet
- Not focus on time in office
- Focus only on results and performance
- Employees manage own job performance
- However, we need to focus on more than numbers (personality, characters, etc.)
Job performance dilemma
- Is performance a set of behaviours that a person does (or does not) perform?
- O is it the ed esult of ehaious… suh as sales ues?
- Employees can contribute beyond numbers
- Results ae iflueed eyod eployees’ otol (podut uality, opetitio, euipet,
- Performance feedback based o esults does’t tell you ho to ipoe ehaiou
- Job performance = behaviour
- Results = outcome associated with those behaviours
- Job performance is the set of employee behaviours that contribute either positively or
negatively to the accomplishment of organizational goals
3 Categories of Job Performance
1 Task Performance (positive)
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