ADM 3378 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Electronic Data Interchange, Enterprise Application Integration, E-Procurement

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23 Nov 2012
Ebusiness Notes
Chapter 1 Introduction to Ebusiness
Cloud computing: applications being hosted on the internet rather than on an
enterprise’s own computer systems
SaaS: Software as a Service = software that is provided for rent to businesses over
the internet
Ebusiness: strategic use of technology, particularly the internet to integrate and
streamline the business processes enterprise applications and organizational
structure of a business to create a high performance business model.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) : structured way of creating forms that can be
transmitted between trading partners to execute business transactions without the
need to generate any paper.
Integrated Systems: Info Systems that are joined together in such a way that they
can easily share data with each other
Foundations of Ebusiness:
Ebusiness Models: how the business is going to make money: Speed, convenience,
customization, redefinition of product value, media flexibility
Ebusiness Strategy: how it plans to achieve the business objectives within the
desired business model.
The Structure of Ebusiness:
CRM: set of strategies, technolgoies and processes that enable a business to
continuously improve offerings to customers
Eprocurement: complete business process of acquiring goods and services through
electronic means, from requisition to fulfillment and payment
Systems Integration:
Intranet: Networks within a company
Extranet: networks outside the company
Tools for System Integration
Internet, World Wide Web, ERP, SCM, CRM, eprocurment
Business Intellligence: allows business to capture, analyze, interpret and report on
data across an enterprise.
The Domains of Ebusiness:
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B2C, B2B, G2B, B2G
The Benefits of Ebusiness:
Increasing sales, reducing costs, improving customer service, responding to
competitive pressure, expanding market research
Internet Service Providers (ISP): company that offers internet access and related
services to individuals and businesses for a fee through telephone lines, cable,
satellite or wireless technology.
The Challenges of Ebusiness:
Privacy and Security, Security and Payment Systems
Encryption: Use of a mathematical formula that is applied to electronic data to
render it illegible to anyone without the decoding key.
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