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Chapter 13

ADM1100 Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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University of Ottawa
Patrick Woodcock

Chapter 13 Promotion and Pricing Strategies Promotion: Function of informing, persuading and influencing a purchase decision Integrated marketing communications (IMC) Coordination of all promotional activitiesmedia, advertising, direct mail, personal selling, sales promotion and public relationsto produce a unified, customerfocused promotional strategy Must take broad view and plan for all form of customer contact Create unified personality and message for the good, brand or service Elements include personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations Not only broadcast and print media today, its about packaging, store displays, sales promotions, sales presentations, online media Promotional Mix Combination of personal and nonpersonal selling that marketers use to meet needs of a firms target customers and to effectively and efficiently communicate its message to them Personal selling: Most basic form of promotion direct persontoperson promotional presentation to a potential buyer Nonpersonal selling: Forms of selling such as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations B2B manufacturers spend more on personal selling than on advertising bc its less costly. B2C may focus on advertising and sponsorships. Objectives of Promotional Strategies Differentiate Product: Comparing two laundry detergents (positioning) Provide Information: Explaining features of a car Stabilize Sales: Holding contests during slow sales periods; according to season Increase Sales: Endofaisle grocery displays
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