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Chapter 7

ADM1100 Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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Patrick Woodcock

Chapter 7 Management, Leadership the Internal Organization Management: Process of achieving organizational goals through people and other (technical) resources Top management CEO, CFO, Premier, Mayor Develops longrange strategic plans Inspire execs and employees to achieve their vision for companys future Decisions: new products, acquisitions, new geographical markets Middle management General managers, plant managers, regional manager, branch manager, division head, director, dean Focus on specific operations, products or customer groups within an organization Responsible for developing detailed plans and procedures to implement firms strategic plans (more detailed than top management) Supervisory (firstline) management Supervisor, department chairperson, program manager, team leader, store manager Implement plans developed by middle managers Responsible for nonmanager and employees Motivate workers to accomplish daily, weekly and monthly goals MANAGERIAL SKILLS Technical skills: managers ability to understand and use techniques, knowledge, tools and equipment of a specific department or area of study Human skills: interpersonal skills that enable a manager to work effectively with and through people Conceptual skills: ability to see organization as a unified whole and to understand how each part of the overall organization interacts with other parts MANAGERIAL FUNCTIONS Planning: Process of looking forward to future events and conditions and deciding on the course of action for achieving organizations goals Organizing: Blending human and material resources through a formal structure of tasks and authority Directing: Guiding and motivating employees to accomplish organizational goals Controlling: Function of assessing an organizations performance against its goals. Four steps setting performance standards, monitor actual performance, compare actual performance w standards, making corrections if needed. Vision: Ability to perceive marketplace needs and what an organization must do to satisfy them. Must be focused yet adaptable to changes in the business environment. (Target for firms action) Longterm success is also tied to the ethical standards that the top management team sets.
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